Space Heater, 1500W Electric Heaters Indoor Portable with Thermostat , PTC Fast Heating Ceramic Room Small Heater with Heating and Fan Modes for Bedroom, Office and Indoor Use

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Product Description

Space heater Space heater

space heater for bedroomspace heater for bedroom

Go From Chilly To Toasty In 3 Seconds!

Now you don’t have to settle for costly central heating or cheaply-made space heaters anymore. The Aikoper space heater is here to take all the fuss out of heating your home or office. The 3 different heating modes (Low, Medium & High) combined with the fan-only function and adjustable thermostat will help find the ideal temperature for every occasion. Plus, ultra-convenient portable design will allow you to take it with you everywhere.

Advanced Safety Features

Rest assured that your space heater comes equipped with state-of-the-art safety features, which include a smart tip-over protection feature and a reliable overheat protection feature for your peace of mind.

Specification: Model No.: NT15-20A Voltage: 120V, 60Hz Thermostat: Yes Dimensions: 6.4×4.8×9.09 inch

1500W space heater

1500W space heater

space heater fast heating

space heater fast heating

space heater with thermostat

space heater with thermostat

Perfect For All Four Seasons!

Use the Low setting in spring, the Medium setting during chilly fall months, the High setting in winter, and cool off during summer with the fan-only mode.

Lightning-Fast Heating Function!

You will not even get to three-Mississippi and your office or bedroom will be nice and toasty. That’s how fast this space heater will work!

Handy Adjustable Thermostat!

Take the guesswork out of controlling your space heater and adjust it to the comfortable temperature you and your loved ones want.

Personal space heater

Personal space heater

space heater quiet

space heater quiet

Space heater with tip-over over-heat protect

Space heater with tip-over over-heat protect

Save Precious Desktop Real Estate!

Boost your productivity and enjoy the warm air by placing your compact space heater on your coffee table or office desk.

Sleep Better At Night!

Ideal for reading, working, listening to music, watching TV, doing homework, taking a nap or sleeping at night, our low noise space heater will not disturb you, your kids or your neighbors.

Reliable Safety Features!

This electric space heater comes with an ETL certification, which ensures that it is safe for daily use. Perfect for families with curious pets and active toddlers, our easy-to-use space heater features tip-over and overheat protection.

space heater for office bedroom study homespace heater for office bedroom study home

600W/900W/1500W 600W/900W/1500W 600W/900W/1500W 600W/900W/1500W 600W/900W/1500W

Electric Heater Electric Heater Oil Heater Oil Heater Oil Heater

22.52”x7.44”x7.44” 24.09” x 8.07” x 7.64” 15.39‘’x6.38”x26.06” 19.09”x7.6”x26.38” 15.2”x6.38‘’x26‘’

Mode Options
Low/High/ECO/FAN Low/High/ECO Low/Middle/High/ECO Low/Middle/High/ECO 3 Heat Level


Safety Features
Overheat Protection Tipped over Protection/Overheat Protection Tipped over Protection/Overheat Protection Tipped over Protection/Overheat Protection Tipped over Protection/Overheat Protection

GET NICE & TOASTY FASTER: The advanced PTC ceraming heating technology combined with the ultra-efficient fan will heat up any space faster and distribute the heat more evenly. Just turn on your space heater, count to 3, and enjoy your warm living room, bedroom or office.
CUT DOWN ON ELECTRIC BILLS without having to freeze. Our energy-efficient interior space heater features 3 different heat settings (LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH) as well as a fan-only mode, so you can tailor it to your exact needs. Instead of wasting a fortune on central heating, you can warm just the spaces you actually use.
ADJUST THE TEMPERATURE TO YOUR NEEDS: Equipped with an adjustable thermostat, our space heater will keep you comfortable at all times. Just set the dial to the desired heat setting and let the thermostat monitor the surrounding air temperature and keep you comfy.
PERFECT FOR YOUR HOME OR OFFICE: The compact and portable design combined with the ergonomic built-in handle, will allow you to easily move your space heater to any room you want. Make sure your office, kitchen, bedroom, guest room, study or living room is nice and warm.
YOUR PEACE OF MIND IS OUR PRIORITY: We have ensured the safety of you and your loved ones by adding an advanced overheat protection sensor as well as a smart tip-over switch, which will automatically turn off the heater in case it overheats or gets tipped over by your kids or pets.

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