Quantum X Upright Water Filter Vacuum — The Best Bagless Household Vac Cleaner with Water & MicroSilver Filtration to Clean Wet & Dry Messes – Pet, Dog Hair & Toddler Spills on Carpet & Hardwood Floor

Price: $439.00
(as of Dec 08,2021 23:22:07 UTC – Details)

The Quantum X uses the power of water and Micro-Silver Technology to capture dirt, debris, pet hair, dander and more instead of HEPA filters that clog and lose suction. The water filtration allows the Quantum X to easily pick up pet and dog hair, along with both wet spills and dry messes. This is the most efficient bagless household vacuum available. Since it uses a water filter, it will never clog or lose suction. The filter itself is water sealed so it will neaver leak or spill a single drop. It can even vacuum upside down without losing power or leaking. It uses a adjustable suction to easily transition between hardwood floors and carpet. It can also go from wet and or dry spills with no problem at all. Quantum X is engineered to work on ALL floor types, easily picking up both dry AND wet messes! Constant suction power and versatility at an affordable price! The entire filter is embedded with Micro-Silver Technology to neutralize dirt, debris, pet hair, dander and more instantly. This helps protect loved ones with breathing issues like asthma, allergies or chronic illness. Your vacuum includes a hose for picking up wet spills with three attachments: crevice tool, upholstery brush, and dusting brush.
CLEANS CARPET, HARDWOOD or TILE: Quantum X is engineered to work on ALL floor types, easily picking up both dry AND wet messes! Also automatically adjusts to all floor heights — transitions between floor types automatically and easily! Its one-of-a-kind telescoping body gives it a 4-inch clearance to reach an extra 18 inches under tight spaces and extend below furniture to get to wear all the dirt, dust and pet hair hide. Includes 3 attachments!
EXCELLENT FOR DRY AND WET MESSES: Traditional vacuum cleaners can’t pick up wet spills. Since the Quantum X uses water as a filter, liquids are totally fine to suck up. The fact that it can pick up wet as well as dry messes is the best part. It will pick up pet and dog hair and pet “accidents” or liquids from toddler spills — just pop in the hose extension and suck it all up in the Quantum X. Unlike regular cloth, foam or HEPA filters, it won’t clog or lose suction.
CLEANS AND ELIMINATES ODORS: The Quantum X system is embedded with MicroSilver technology that instantly cleans dirt, debris, pet hair, dander and more. Cloth and foam filters in other vacuums clog up with dirt and allergens which get re-exhausted into your home, affecting the health of your family. Your Quantum X with water filtration traps everything to purify the air you breathe — No more messy cleanups, just pour out the dirty water when you’re finished and re-fill on your next use.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed — We believe this will be the best vacuum you have ever used and that it will keep your home cleaner than ever before. If the Quantum X isn’t the best vacuum you’ve ever owned or you are dissatisfied for any reason, simply return the product within 30 days for an easy refund of your full purchase price.

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