OZZEVO 2 Pack Rainbow Pop Fidget Toys Poppet Its Push Pop Bubble Fidget Popping Sensory Toy for Kids and Adults Fidget Popper Stress Relief – 2 Shapes Fidget Poppers It – Circle + Square

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OZZEVO a name you can trust! Our aim is to provide top quality products and service to our valuable customers.

OZZEVO Branded Bubble Sensory Fidget Toy is perfect toy for Kids to take their eyes off the screen but also is a perfect item to relieve stress in adults. In these times when stress is inevitable we all need some affordable reliever and for that nothing beats our sensory toy.

The best way to relieve stress is to divert attention and our Sensory Toy is a perfect toy to relieve stress.

A perfect gift item for your loved ones. In these times we all need to extend a hand to our loved ones who are suffering with stress and anxiety and offer them this perfect sensory toy as a gift.

One with many uses: Toy for your kids, Stress reliever for Adults, Cup Holder and being made of Food Grade Silicone works well as Chocolate Mold

Various UsesVarious Uses

Harmless to your little ones!

Made of high grade siliconeMade of high grade silicone

Made of Food Grade Silicone which is harmless to even toddlers.

Our Sensory toy is made of Food Grade Silicone.


Take it anywhere you like!

Take it anywhere you like!

Involving in other activities!

Involving in other activities!

Same toy for your family no matter how old you are!

Same toy for your family no matter how old you are!

Easily fits into your handbag!

Easily fits into your handbag!

Lightweight and portable!

You can take our Fidget Toy anywhere you like because it’s light in weight with weighing around 65 grams and is portable that you can carry in your bag.

Spend time with your little ones and when you want your own little time hand them this Bubble Sensory Toy!

Encourages to involve in other activities

Playing with our Fidget Toy will help them take their eyes off screen which will encourage them to involve in other productive activities as well.

Same toy for your family!

Our Sensory toy is not only designed for Kids but also perfect for everyone in the family. No matter how old you are you’ll surely enjoy playing with this sensory fidget toy which helps relieving stress!

Easily fits into your handbag!

This sensory toy is highly portable and can easily fit into your handbag. You don’t only get stress when home but that can hit you anywhere anytime and carrying this along will always help to relieve stress.

No. of Units in Pack
4 3 2 2 3 2

No. of Units in Pack
1 1 1 1

PUSH POP BUBBLE FIDGET SENSORY TOY: Playing with Sensory Toy can relieve stress and anxiety and helps freshen up your mood. One of a must have items for home as home essential, the best indoor games, parent-child games, autism games that the elderly children and adults can play. Toys for kids for less screen time and also stress relief toys for adults.
SUPER FUN: Bubble Popping Sensory Toy makes “Pop” sound when pressed and once you are done with one side just flip it over and fidget toys from the other side as well. Best anxiety relief toys games for kids and also perfect the office gifts to relieve work stress pop fidget toy as stress relief gifts.
FUN GAME TO PLAY: Popping fidget is not only an anxiety toys but there is a super fun game that can be played with certain set of rules. Rules are a) Minimum 2 Players are required b) Each play can pop as many bubbles but from the same line c) Player that pops the last bubble of this push pop fidget toy looses the game.
NOVELTY GIFT: In the current circumstances with stress everywhere this bubble pop fidget toy is the perfect gift for kids, gift for boys, gift for girls, gift for parents, gift for colleague, gift for loved ones to relieve stress and play with push pop bubble toys to reduce stress. A Pefect fidget toy with push pops.
FOOD GRADE SILICONE MATERIAL: This Bubble toys are made of High-Grade Food Grade Silicone materials so Parents can rest assured to buy this push sensory toy for your children. It’s very comfortable and soft and can be easily washed with just water. Game comes with AUSEVO’s high quality customer service because this sensory toy is to relieve your stress and not add to it.

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