Lithium Hyper Cleanse- All Purpose Cleaner- Newest Science in Cleaning Leather, Plastic, Carpet, Vinyl, Removes The Toughest Stains, Protects, Penetrates Cracks and Grooves. (16oz)

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Lithium Auto CareLithium Auto Care

Our products are made one beautifully inefficient batch at a time.

We have never been much about volume or outputs. Our passion is about results – and making products that will transform cars from average to incredible.

Hide Rehab is the Ultimate Leather Conditioner. With natural ingredients which soften & hydrate leather like no other. Leather Love is an intense treatment that will Rehydrate even the most neglected hides, leaving them restored and protected. Hyper Cleanse is the most effective All Purpose Cleaner on the planet. Removes literally every kind of stain. Contains NO solvents. Inner Space conditions and protects surfaces, giving them a Perfect – No Shine Factory Look. Simply the Best. Ceramic Slam is the highest performing DIY Ceramic Spray available. Contains 36% Si02, will out last and out shine all others.

Seal and Squeal combines Si02 and Active Amino Polymers to restore and seal paint that is looking tired. Incredible protection and shine. Color Crush is a unique quick detailing spray that works on all exterior surfaces to provide extra UV protection. Gloss Sauce blends Pure T-1 Carnauba wax and Amino Polymers to create an unmatched mile deep shine, that last for months. Fore Clay and Luster Lube are the single best thing you can do – to restore or maintain the health of your paint. Trim Serum is a powerful combination of conditioners and plasticizers, which bring plastic back to life and keep it looking new.

Double Tap Soap is infused with essential oils and eucalyptus that condition and hydrate while they clean. Ignite After Wash lubricates and conditions paint to eliminate scratching during the drying process; making paint surfaces so slick nothing sticks. Slather Bio Cleanse is a deep leather shampoo and conditioner that lifts dirt and moisturizes leather, while shielding it from UV rays. Griptonite Premium Detailing Brushes feature the ultimate griping and ergonomic handles, with super premium bristles and a convenient case for storage.

A headline "Our Why. Passion, Excellence, Fun" in front of an image of a Seal and squeal product.A headline "Our Why. Passion, Excellence, Fun" in front of an image of a Seal and squeal product.

We didn’t initially set out to sell products – We just loved cars.

Taking average cars and making them incredible was our passion. When we couldn’t find products that performed to the level of our aspirations, we came up with our own formulas. We really enjoyed the art of molecule mashing – finding promising and creative ingredients to make exceptional products.

HYPER CLEANSE IS A “HYPER PREMIUM CLEANER” which is insanely effective, yet contains NO HARMFUL SOLVENTS. It was initially formulated to clean really distressed and grungy leather. As it turned out, it worked amazingly well on every surface and type of stain we tested it on.
This is ENTIRELY NEW SCIENCE, which was formulated with a unique approach to cleaning the toughest of stains, ground in grime and dirt and the type of stuff that gets forced into the fine lines in leather and vinyl.
Lithium is a company that focuses on HIGHLY CONTROLLED BATCH RUNS of product, using only the very BEST INGREDIENTS AVAILABLE. Smaller production runs equal better results and allows us to set insane expectations. We simply Make Hyper Cleanse and all of our products to a “Higher Standard” than others.
We sometimes take things a bit to far. Although, when it comes to having the power to clean and remove practically anything from your car’s surfaces- can you really go too far? HYPER CLEANSE IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE LEATHER, PLASTIC, AND VINYL CLEANER ON THE PLANET. Yet remarkably, (as we mentioned) IT CONTAINS NO SOLVENTS OR OTHER INGREDIENTS THAT WILL HARM THE ENVIRONMENT OR DRY OUT WHAT IT CLEANS. Ink, Denim, Oil, Grease, we haven’t found a substance it hasn’t been able to handle.
BACKED BY LITHIUM’S UNCONDITIONAL WARRANTY, It will be the best product you have ever used, or we will promptly refund your money. No questions, no Whining, no kidding…

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