Hugo Battery Backup for Tankless Water Heaters and Gas Appliances (Brass Flow Sensor)

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Product Description

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HUGO, tankless battery backupHUGO, tankless battery backup

HUGO tankless battery backup

The Original HUGO – The only battery backup system designed especially for tankless water heaters and gas appliances.

Hugo is a compact unit that can mount right next to your existing tankless water heater indoor or outdoor and can be installed in minutes. Unlike other battery backup systems that offer only minutes of backup protection. Hugo can keep your system going for up to a week without power (depending on power consumption).HUGO is packed with intelligent features that work seamlessly with gas-powered tankless water heaters, i.e. flow sensor, temperature sensor, pure sine wave, automatic switch over, etc.Serves as a protection barrier to safeguard expensive tankless water heater’s CPU.Durable and robust designed increases longevity of productEasily replace battery when needed.

Power rating of 350W/500VA is suitable for all gas-powered tankless water heaters and many other gas appliances.

Package Content:

HUGO Battery BackupMounting Brackets (4)Mounting Screws (9)Hanging screws and anchor (4 sets)Door KeyFlow Sensor, if applicable Applications:

All gas powered tankless water heatersroom heatersdirect ventsgas stovescombi-boilerscharge mobile deviceskeep modems running

Features: 5-13 hours of continuous operation Indoor/Outdoor installation Flow sensor switch to prolong battery life Tankless water heater anti-Frost assist Pure sine wave output Output: 500 VA / 350 W 35Ah sealed lead acid battery Maintenance free operation

Product Specifications:

Input Voltage 120Vac Output 500Va / 350W Battery Mode Output 113 – 117V Grid power surge protection When grid power is less than 92V or greater than 138V, automatically transfers to battery mode Protection Overload, short-circuit, battery over charge/discharge Transfer time (AC – DC) 15 ms Weight 45 lbs Dimension (W x D x H) 9 x 14 x 12

Rinnai tankless water heater, wall furnaces, and conv runtime reference table:

V65i / V65e 6:40 / 8:53 hrs V75i / V75e 6:40 / 8:53 hrs RL75i / RL 75e 6:40 / 8:53 hrs RL94i / RL94e / RL94Xi 5:13 / 7:47 / 5:13 hrs RUCS65i/RUS65e/RUCS75i/RUS75e 5:41 / 8:18 hrs RU130i/RU130e 13:20 / 14:05 hrs RU160i/RU160e 9:45 / 10:20 hrs RU199i/RU199e 6:02 / 6:16 hrs RUR160i/RUR160e 2:53/2:55 hrs RUR199i/RUR199e 2:26 / 2:28 hrs EX08CT/EX11CT 8:14 / 7:31 hrs EX17CT/EX22CT 7:02 / 4:40 hrs EX38CT 2:15 hrs FC510/FC824 18:19 / 11:24 hrs

Three (3) Variations

HUGO tankless battery backup

HUGO tankless battery backup

HUGO tankless battery backup

HUGO tankless battery backup

HUGO tankless battery backup

HUGO tankless battery backup


HUGO without flow sensor


HUGO-X1R with brass flow sensor


Standard HUGO with ABS flow sensor

350W/500VA Pure Sine Wave
Designed for tankless water heater and gas appliances
Up to 7 days of operation during power outage
Recognized and approved by Rinnai USA
Indoor/outdoor installation

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