GFK-160A GFK-160 Fireplace Blower Fan Kit for Heat N Glo, Quadra-Fire, Heatilator, Superior, Majestic, GTI Fireplaces, DV3732, Quadra-Fire 7100, Heat N Glo 6000CLX, SL-750TR Blower Fan Kit

Price: $108.97 - $102.97
(as of Jan 20,2022 20:00:45 UTC – Details)

✅Fireplace Blower Kit for Heat N Glo: 4000GDV, 4000TV, 5000GDV, 5000TV, 6000CBV, 6000GBV,6000TVFL, 6000ARCH, 6000BE, 6000BEC, 6000C, 6000CAMP, 6000CF, 6000CL, 6000CLX,6000 DVTFL, 6000G, 6000GCF, 6000 GDVFL, 6000GL, 6000GLX, 6000PLUS, 6000SEB,6000TR, 6000TRB, 6000TRI, 6000TR-OAK, 6000TRXI, 6000TV, 6000TV-OAK, 6000TVB,6000XLSB, 6000XLS, 6000XLT, 7000TR, 7000TV, 7000XLS, 8000ARCH, 8000BE, 8000BEC,8000C, 8000CAMP, 8000CBV, 8000CF, 8000CL, 8000CLX, 8000 DVTFL, 8000G, 8000GBV,8000GCF, 8000 GDVFL, 8000GL, 8000GLX, 8000PLUS, 8000SEB, 8000TRB, 8000TRC,8000TRI, 8000TR, 8000TR-OAK, 8000TRXI, 8000TV, 8000TVFL, 8000XL, BAY-38HV,BAYFYRE-TRS, BE-32, BE-36, BE-41, BV4236, BV4842, CBS-41, CERONA-36, CERONA-42,DV3732, FB-GRAND, FB-IN, GATEWAY, GRAND-50, ST-36TRB, PIER-36TRB, LCOR-36TRB,RCOR-36TRB, Pier-TRC, ST-TRC, L-Corner-TRC, R-Corner-TRC, ST-36TR, ST-36TRLP,PIER-36TR, PIER-36TRLP, Pier-38HV, ST-38HV, Pier-TVFL, ST-42TVFL, Pier-TVFL,ST-42TVFL, Pier-HBV, ST-HBV, LCOR-HBV, RCOR-HBV, Pier-HV, ST-HV, LCOR-HV, RCOR-HV,Pier-TR, LCOR-TR, RCOR-HR, ST-HR, ST-550T, ST-GDV, NORTHSTAR, SL-3000, SL-32,SL-36, SL-42, SL-350DVT, SL-350TRS, SL-350TV, SL-36-Ultimate, SL-550BE,SL-550METRO, SL-550TR, SL-550TRS, SL-550TV, SL-750TR, SL-750TRS, SL-750TV,SL-950TR, SL-950TV, Olympus, Titan, TIARA
✅Fireplace Blower Kit for Quadra-Fire: 7100 Series, Expression 36 (QV36A-FB), QFP38,QFP44, QV32, QV36, QV-ST, QV-PIER, Topaz, Twighlight II
✅Blower Kit for Heatilator: A36, A42, ADI Series (ADI60S, ADI-ZC-FB, ADI-ZCFB-S), BCDV36,BE-36, CB4842, CD4842, CNXT4236, CNXT4842, CNXT70, CNXT90, DV3732, DV4136,GBi25, GCBC60, GCBC80, GCDC60, GCDC80, GNTC80, MAX60, MAXUS, NOVi30, NOVi35,SC60, Titan, Twilight, Twilight II
✅FanKit for Superior: DS-36, DVR-38TMN, DVR5, DVR5000 Series, DVR5-RE, DVT6-CMNS,GHC-5500, GHC-6500, GRD-5500, GRD-6500, VF4, VF5, VF6, CF5500, CF6500, CFST,CFPF, VF4000, VF5000, VF6000, UVFCE-40, UVFCE-45, UVFR-5000, UVFC-5000, VFST,VFPF
✿The GFK-160A fireplace blower fan kit includes dual ball bearing blower, magnetic thermostat, rheostat variable speed control, 3-prong power cord, rubber mounting feet to reduce noise and vibration, rre-wired harness for easy installation, installation instructions.
✿Length x Width x Height: 12 13/16″ x 4 5/16″ x 4 5/16″, Air discharge length: 4.75″ (each blower), Motor Bearing Type: Ball, Outboard Bearing Type: Ball, Insulation: Class H (rated to 392°F), Motor RPM: 3000, Airflow in C.F.M: 160, Volts: 115, Frequency: 60 Hz, Amperage: 1.3, Power Cord:Yes, Power Cord Length: 83″, Power Cord Type: 3-prong, Rheostat Variable Speed: Yes, Thermostat: Yes, Thermostat Type: Magnetic, Thermostat Temperature: 120° / 90°
✿The Heat-n-glo Fan Cross Reference Numbers: GFK-160, GFK-160A, FAB-1600, Heat N Glo 7002-1241, 7002-2944, 7102-2944, 7002-2311, 7002-2143, 7002-1615, 7102-1615, 7002-2152, 7102-2152, 7058-1221, Rotom HB-RB168, R7-RB168, Royal GFK-160, Regency 846515, 490-917, Fasco A133, 45KC49, UPPCO 1601881.
✿High Quality Sealed Ball Bearing Motor – Powerful, Quiet, Superbly Balanced, Energy Efficient and Long Lasting. ✿Benefits: Helps reduce costly energy bills, Heats large rooms efficiently, Installs quickly and easily, Affordable.
✿The GFK-160 fan kit is a dual blower kit designed to fit a number of fireplaces, including models from Heat N Glo, Quadra-Fire, Heatilator, Hearth & Home, GTI, Superior Gas Fireplaces. See BRAND and MODEL # Listed in Below Product Descriptions, if your fireplace isn’t listed, please keep free to contact with us, we will try our best to help you find a fan kit or replacement blower. Please be sure to compare our dimensions with your fireplace’s available clearance and dimensions BEFORE ordering.

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