Furniture Moving Strap, Lab Tested 5000 lb Shoulder Lifting/Carrying Straps for Furniture Appliances Mattress Moving, 2-Person Lifting and Moving System(Black)

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Product Description



Move and Lift Heavy Objects Safely

HISCI’s Moving Straps are designed to ensure comfort and support for those heaving lifting jobs. Safely lift and move objects while reducing the risk of back pain or injury. Our straps significantly reduce strain on your back, arms and hands.

How to Use

Step 1: Wear the vest like a backpack and lock the strap and vest through buckles

Step 2: Place two lifting straps under the center of the object.

Step 3: Weave moving strap through the buckle and adjust to your height accordingly.

Step 4: When both sides are ready, stand up and lift the object, maintain the balance.




Ergonomic Design – New sponge supportive structure and extra wide shoulder harness for better comfort.

Risk Reduction – Protect shoulder, back, knee, arm, wrist, hands, waist.

Free Moving – Arm and hands free to prevent damage to floors, walls & doors.

Easy Moving – Perfect for moving appliances, large TV, furniture,mattress or any large, bulky objects.

Quick Handling – Everyone can be pro by wearing it and ready to move in seconds

Storage Saving – unlike traditional hand trolley or truck with wheels.

Cost Saving – You can save money & move like a Pro. If you are a boss, equip some to avoid treatment cost it may happen.







Lift & Move Comfortably

Our moving straps feature a padded vest to allow more comfort when moving objects, helping to avoid strain on your back.

Heavy-Duty Materials

Built with heavy-duty materials, the straps can lift up 5000lbs. Designed to lift and carry most heavy objects, like furniture and appliances.

Reduce Back Pain

The moving straps promote proper lifting techniques by utilizing the body’s strongest muscles – legs and torso. This technique significantly reduces strain on your back, arms, and hands.

LIFTING/MOVING SAFELY: With Lab Tested 2000 lb Break Strength Straps and buckle installed to ensure heavy object easy and safe lifting or moving. 2-person shoulder lifting straps allow almost anyone to become a super mover
HANDS-FREE LIFTING: The new belt for moving furniture can move heavy objects only by raising the body, then stabilize furniture with one hand and open door or do something else with the other hand
REDUCE BACK PAIN: Make use of the strongest parts-muscles and legs of the body and move objects more easily. The furniture moving straps with sponge vest, when moving objects, it can avoid back pain, release the pressure on the arms and hands
ADJUSTABLE STRAPS: The shoulder moving straps can be adjusted to the max length of 12ft and can be used among people of different heights. By adjusting the buckle, the user can get the the right height and move the object away in a short time
SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS: With shoulder support straps for moving, you can move heavy appliances and furniture yourself, such as fridges, washing machines, mattresses, dressers. Thus can save hundreds of dollars in removing fees

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